2020 Major League Baseball Predictions

The new year has started, and the time is just right to start thinking about what could happen to our favorite team in the upcoming season. The 2020 baseball season will begin on March 26th and will end on September 27th. The predictions in this article aren’t precise, and we can’t guarantee the outcome. The following bold statements are just one opinion, and you shouldn’t place bets based on this article only.

World Series Favorites

Let’s check out the favorites to win the 2020 World Series according to the top MLB columnists:

  1. New York Yankees
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers
  3. Houston Astros
  4. Minnesota Twins
  5. New York Mets
  6. Tampa Bay Rays
  7. Atlanta Braves
  8. Oakland Athletics
  9. Chicago Cubs
  10. Washington Nationals

Random MLB Predictions

  • Minnesota Twins to sign Josh Donaldson – the Twins will want to preserve the prestige of the 2019 season, protect their division title, and give Donaldson the fourth year he wishes for.
  • The LA Dodgers will trade for Kris Bryant – with all the recent rumors around the trades, will the Dodgers give in to the public pressure for significance? There is also some internal propensity that the roster will be notably improved.
  • Mookie Betts is now gone. The Red Sox will need to think long and hard how to replicate Betts’ production. As significant changes in leadership strike the franchise, there is no telling what can happen, but if the Reds can’t keep a homegrown star in their ranks, then something is off.
  • We won’t see either of the 2019 World Series teams in the 2020 postseason – maybe it will be because of significant free-agent losses to their rosters (Anthony Rendon for the Nationals and Gerrit Cole for the Astros). Also it can be just the proverbial winner haze that seems to go around it will take a toll on these teams and decrease their chances significantly.
  • Mike Trout will be challenged for AL MVP by Yoán Moncada – Recently, Mike Trout has been on the top two spots of the AL MVP voting except the 2017 season because he was only limited to 114 games and even then, he finished fourth. If the White Sox do take the AL Central division title, then it stands to reason that someone on their roster will get the MVP love, and Moncada is an excellent choice for improvement.
  • All in all, the three-batter minimum won’t affect the course of the season – It may be the most significant change in baseball law in a long time and the one- and two-batter relief appearances under this rule have been on the decline in recent seasons. So therefore won’t be any meaningful changes to the season.


Another aspect that affects predictions is injuries, and there was plenty to speak of. While some team will get back players, they missed some will lose them indefinitely. We can only hope that all of these players recover successfully and continue to do what they love.